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Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

Richard Keys

If you’re looking for confidence off-the-tee, this is the driver for you. You’ll never hesitate taking it out the bag.

The Action Mass CB adds 8g of weight inside the end of the grip, which deploys counterbalancing technology to give you more control over the club you're swinging. That can only lead to better results!

Key features & benefits:

  • XL head design is made with the highest MOI ever in a Cleveland driver
  • Low & deep weighting maximises forgiveness and give you high launch
  • Rebound Frame uses alternating zones of flexibility & rigidity for speed and distance
  • Action Mass CB uses an 8g weight inside the end of the grip for more control
  • Adjustable hosel with 12 positions to optimise launch angle & shot shape
  • Available in lofts 9-12

Could this be the driver to unlock your full potential? There's only one way to find out... click that enquiry button and book a fitting with us.

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver


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